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Our happy patients sent us some love words for our service

MNR DJ Els – Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer: (Beaten Cancer – January 2017)

Dawie – Diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer;

I got my latest Ca125 results. 514! I must assume that the intervene is working. My results 3 weeks ago was 2200. I'm going to keep on doing the intervene as I have only been on it just over 3 weeks so I don't want to make any changes yet!
Le-Ann, results after 3 weeks on Intervene and Resveratrol
This morning was the first morning that I woke up WITHOUT stiff and sore back muscles in nearly 2 years!!!! I'm so happy that you left marketing and graphic design and decided to study alternative medicine. I may have become disabled and my illness undetected if you had not followed your dreams. I thank God for you.

Candice, misdiagnosed with Lupus
Feedback after 3 hours on the Rife

Thank you so much for the hCG, its been a life changer! Before hCG, always tired and sluggish and on anti depressants. After 6 weeks I have lost 10kg, feeling lively, healthy and happy body, mind and soul. No longer on anti depressants! It has been a journey so worth while and I recommend this diet to everyone I encounter.

Carla, hCG Reset Diet

Flower HIV Aids & Cancer – Testimonial

Flower was diagnosed with HIV Aids in 2007, and soon after, due to a weakened immune system, contracted KS (Kaposi’s Sarcoma) – Cancer

By November 2014, during Flower’s medical examination, her total HIV viral load depreciated lower than the detectable 40 copies/ml. and all HIV Aids related threats including CANCER where eradicated!

Today Flower is living a normal everyday life, with one difference, an ambition to share her experience.

I have had a hearing problem for years. I was told it's natural degeneration. So when I heard of the Resonance treatment I was very curious and because I am a firm believer in Quantum therapy I wanted to see if the Resonance machine could improve my hearing. I spent 2 full days and 3 whole nights glued to the machine and was Amazed with the results. I am now watching TV with the volume in the middle or sometimes even less. Usually I would have it on full blast! I also realised I can hear my husband talking to our neighbour at the back whilst I'm watching TV. I am learning Portuguese and it's been difficult for me to pronounce the words and to follow a conversation. That was due to not hearing properly. Even with the hearing aid on. It has improved so much that I can hear the individual words. There is still some freqwencies I struggle with but the improvemt in my hearing is absolutely huge!
Niki Quintal, Cape Town
Did Stanton tell you his count dropped from 26000+ to 11000+ more than half between May till now. This reserve and intervene works wonders!
Stanton, with stage 4 pancreatic, liver and gastric cancer
I was slightly hungry while doing the program, but never felt or looked better in such a short time. A lot of my food allergies have disappeared so I am thrilled with the results.

Liezel, hCG Reset Diet