the root-cause of your condition

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” ― Hermes Trismegistus

Who We Are

Health Coaching Just Got Easier!

Vivid Health was established by Vivienne Pietersen (DipNutMed) with the intent to assist people in regaining their health and overcome serious illness through natural and herbal medication. We do this by applying of the principles of natural law.

Our consultations include various diagnostic and treatment tools such as Live Blood Analysis, Magnetic Resonance Analysis, Ultra Sound therapy, Rife frequency and variuos other herbal medicines and oils.

As a Registered Nutritional & Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Detoxification specialist through the acclaimed Dr Robert Morse N.D, D.SC., M.H and Raw Food Specialist trained by David Wolfe, Vivienne helps people in regaining their health naturally in conjunction with establishing emotional issues which were part of the cause why health was lost in the first place.

Her passion is natural health and the body’s capacity to heal from chronic degenerative diseases.

Our Team

Vivienne Pietersen

Founder Vivid Health and Health Resonance (DipNutMed) Registered Nutritional & Herbal Medicine Practitioner (Plasket International) Detoxification specialist through acclaimed Dr Robert Morse N.D, D.SC., M.H and Raw Food Specialist under David Wolfe.

Rozanne Moller

Co-owner at Health Resonance dOTERRA Welness Advocate Qualified in International Health & Skin Care Therapist and Aromatherapy.

Rietthe Roux

Office Manager, Reflexologist and Paramedical