Your relationship

to your body

is one of the MOST important relationship you have, and our approach helps you create a healthy one!

Maybe you are considering alternative advice, because you are struggling with a chronic condition or serious illness. 

Or perhaps you’ve tried many options but don’t quite feel that the origin of your symptoms has been addressed.

The body has capacity for cellular renewal and healing especially when following a holistic approach. This includes finding the actual cause of your symptons, which usually looks at the physical, emotional and mental aspects such as physical toxins, trauma, lifestyle habits, emotional blockages and in many cases family history.

"Painkillers will temporarily ease your pain but not fix the cause of your headaches"

At Vivid Health we focus on discovering the origin of your condition, and don’t merely treat the symptons. 

Vivid Health was founded by Vivienne Pietersen (DipNutMed) with the intent to assist people in regaining their health and overcome serious illness through natural and herbal medication. We do this by applying of the principles of natural law.​

Our consultations include various diagnostic and other tools such as Live Blood Analysis, Magnetic Resonance Analysis, Ultra Sound therapy, Rife frequency therapy and variuos other herbal medicines and oils.

As a Registered Nutritional & Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Detoxification specialist through the acclaimed Dr Robert Morse N.D, D.SC., M.H and Raw Food Specialist trained by David Wolfe, Vivienne helps people in regaining their health naturally in conjunction with establishing emotional issues which were part of the cause why health was lost in the first place.

Her passion is natural health and the body’s capacity to heal from chronic degenerative diseases.  

Our Services

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Health Consultations

Using various diagnostics, we determine the origin of your condition.

Weight Loss
It is very possible to loose between 7kg to 12 kg within 3 – 9 weeks!
Magnetic Resonance
Powerful Diagnostic: By screening your body, we detect problem areas.

Intervene Herbal

Intervene Herbal is a nutritional Anti-Cancer supplement which kills bacteria and cleanses the body and blood of toxins. Intervene, regulates and rejuvenates you while helping the body to reach an optimum pH balance and boost the immune system.

It consists of pure organic essential oils that have powerful Antiseptic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal activity that supports the body, detoxifies the blood without undesirable side effects.​

Intervene Testimonials

MNR DJ Els – Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer: (Beaten Cancer – January 2017)

Flower HIV Aids & Cancer – Testimonial

We assist in Family Health, all Cancers, Serious Chronic Conditions, Emotional States or Dependancies.  

Ultra Sound Therapy

In certain instances, Ultra Sound Therapy is used to zone in on your problem areas, and repair your damaged cells. 

We start by using the powerful combination of a state-of-the-art recording system and computer program that will translate the vibrational sound of your organs into answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the current state of my health?
  2. What are my potential health risks?
  3. What is my progress after ultra sound therapy?